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If you're selling your cakes, or want to transport them safely, you will need packaging! We have boxes for cakes and cupcakes, and boards of various thicknesses, colours and sizes so you can present your cakes and cupcakes in style.

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Cake Boards

These sturdy cake boards are great for presenting single tiered cakes. They are wrapped in silver covering and are double the standard thickness. 

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Cake Boxes

These white cardboard box and lid sets are perfect for transporting cakes. The 8 inch boxes are 5 inches tall, all the rest are 6 inches tall. They can be made suitable for taller cakes than this with a set of box extensions (four folded corners to raise the lid).

From £1.50

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Cake Drums

These thick high quality cake boards (known as drums) are ideal for a really professional presentation of your cake. They are particularly good for heavy and tiered cakes and come in gold or silver, either round or square. 

From £1.25

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Cupcake Boxes

These white cupcake boxes are good value and sturdy enough to transport your cupcakes safely. The boxes for 1, 4, 6 and 12 cupcakes have cellophane windows so the cupcakes can be seen. The boxes for 24 cupcakes are strong corrugated card and do not have a window.

From £0.50

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These 12 inch acrylic dowels are for use when stacking tiered cakes. One dowel is usually enough for cutting into three pieces to support a standard height cake. 

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