Edibles - Icing, Food Colourings & Shimmers

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Using the right coverings for your creation is (quite literally!) the icing on the cake! Food colourings are a really important ingredient in the decorating of a cake too, and there is only one brand we will use. Here you will find cake coverings, food colourings, edible dusts and sprays.

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Coloured Sugarpaste Image

Coloured Sugarpaste

This Culpitts cake decorating sugarpaste is great for covering cakes, or making decorations (if tylo powder is added). It comes in bright primary colours and black, and it tastes good (unlike some brands!).

From £2.00

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Edible Glue

Sugarcraft essentials edible glue. Suitable for glitter items, decorating cakes, constructing sugar models, sugar flowers, cake accessories and anything else that needs to be fixed in place. 

From £3.00

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Edible Pearls

These edible pearls are great for a quick sprinkle decoration on cupcakes, or perfect for adding to a quilted design on fondant. They come in pink, white and a mix of different metallic colours. 

From £1.50

Food Colouring - Sugarflair Image

Food Colouring - Sugarflair

These Sugarflair colour pastes come highly recommended by us - we have been using them for years! They come in 30 different shades (buy them all in a handy box for £65) and can be used to colour sponge, buttercream and sugarpaste as well as for painting. They're really highly concentrated colours, so will last a long time. £3 each or choose any 4 for £10 - please list the 4 colours in the comments box on the payment page if you choose the set of 4.

From £3.00

Rejuvenator Spirit  Image

Rejuvenator Spirit

Rejuvenator spirit (by Sugarflair) can be used to mix with Sugarflair colours and lustre dusts to make coloured or metallic edible paint. Mixed with Superwhite, it can also be used to paint white to obtain a great chalkboard effect. Comes in a 14ml bottle with a dropper for ease of use.

From £3.00

Superwhite powder Image

Superwhite powder

Superwhite powder by Sugarflair is perfect for adding to buttercream to lighten and whiten or to mix with rejuvenator spirit to make an edible white paint - perfect for the chalkboard effect!

From £4.00

Tylo Powder Image

Tylo Powder

Tylo powder is one of the most important ingredients in the cake decorating world. It is used to create gumpaste (by adding it to sugarpaste) and also to make edible glue (by mixing it with water). As you only use a small amount at a time, this tub will last a long time. It is suitable for vegetarians & vegans, kosher, halal and GMO & allergen free.

From £5.00

White Sugarpaste Image

White Sugarpaste

Renshaw is the brand we use to cover all our cakes - it tastes great, and is really easy to work with. We stock two different sizes - 1kg and 2.5kg. It lasts for months if kept sealed up at room temperature. We also sell 250g Flower and Modelling Paste, which is all ready for making decorations with (otherwise Tylo Powder is needed for making decorations).



**2.5kg sugarpaste is for collection only. Please do not order if delivery is required**

From £2.00