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When you're decorating a cake, it is important to work with the right tools. We only sell equipment we use ourselves to decorate our bespoke cakes, and much of what you see here is equipment we demonstrate with at our classes and workshops. We stock a variety of brands, having experimented with a lot of what's out there, you can be sure you're getting a good quality, and cost effective product.

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Cake Leveller Image

Cake Leveller

This cake leveller is an essential tool for precisely levelling and dividing, your sponge cakes. Level before filling and crumb coating. It can level cakes up to and including 12 inches in diameter with ease.

From £5.00

Cake Smoother Image

Cake Smoother

These cake smoothers are useful for so much more than just smoothing cakes! They can be used to make cubes (great for building blocks, and dice) and to roll long thin pieces of icing for use as hair, arms, legs and much more. They are, of course, intended for smoothing down the surface and sharpening the edges of cakes covered in sugarpaste - both round and square.

From £4.00

Candles Image


Simple packs of birthday candles and holders (12) in white, pink and blue as well as large number candles in bright colours with a choice of spots or stripes.

From £1.00

Celbuds  Image


These polystyrene Celbuds are used as the bud for the centre of sugar roses - we use them in our 'Flower Power' class. They come in large (24mm - pack of 8) or small (16mm - pack of 12) depending on the size of rose you want to create. These are preferable to gumpaste buds because of their weight.

From £4.00

Cupcake Picks Image

Cupcake Picks

A pack of 24 customizable ‘Fun Pix’ cupcake picks by Wilton. Customize by writing a name or clever saying and add instant fun to all your treats!

From £2.00

Cutter shapes Image

Cutter shapes

These sets of cutters are great for making small decorations. They come in a series of different sizes (3 or 4 depending on the shape) and come in many shapes including butterfly, bird, blossom, calyx, snowflake, leaf and more. 

From £4.00

Disposable Piping Bags Image

Disposable Piping Bags

Disposable piping bags are ideal if you like to pipe buttercream using large nozzles. They are strong and sturdy, yet cheap enough to dispose of afterwards with no guilt! A pack of 12 'Cake Star' brand piping bags is perfect for the occasional cupcake decorator, or for those of you that do it more often, we sell packs of 100 too.

From £2.00

Domes (pack of 6) Image

Domes (pack of 6)

These 'Foam Balls' (from Purple Cupcakes) are perfect for making a sugarpaste domes, when left to dry for an hour or so to dry they can fit on top of a cupcake. Comes as a pack of 6 hemispheres. You can learn the technique to use these on our Vintage Cupcake Decorating class.

From £6.00

Drying Foam Image

Drying Foam

This sheet of drying foam is essentially a big sponge that is used for drying shapes - either flat or shaped. One side is covered in bumps allowing you to leave flowers and leaves to dry 3D. The other side is flat so you can leave shapes (even very large ones) to dry flat so the air will dry it from every angle. The exact size of the foam can vary, but is usually at least 30cm x 20cm.

From £3.00

Dummy Cakes Image

Dummy Cakes

Choose from a 6 (£3), 8 (£4) or 10 (£5) inch size round dummy to practice your icing techniques, create display cakes that last, or add an extra tier to a large cake without wasting lots of ingredients! They are 3 inches deep.

From £3.00

Icing Bag Adaptor Image

Icing Bag Adaptor

Plastic icing bag adapter from PME, ideal for use with parchment, fabric and disposable bags. 

From £2.00

Metal Ball Tools Image

Metal Ball Tools

These metal ball tools are ideal for thinning the edges of petals to make roses as well as ruffles and frills. They come in a set of 4 double ended tools so you will always have the right size for your needs.

From £5.00

Modelling Tools Image

Modelling Tools

These tools are useful for all sorts of modelling, sugar flower making and cake decorating. There are 14 (7 double ended) different plastic modelling tools included. Colours may vary.

From £5.00

Non-Stick Mat Image

Non-Stick Mat

This non-stick mat is the ideal tool to roll out gumpaste onto when making decorations. It does exactly what it says - it will stop your gumpaste from sticking to the mat!

From £8.00

Nylon Piping Bag Image

Nylon Piping Bag

These strong reusable nylon piping bags by FMM are great for piping royal icing. They should be used with an adaptor and small piping nozzles to create writing and frills around the base of a cake. 

From £3.00

Palette Image


These palettes are perfect for mixing colours to paint onto cakes, and for mixing lustre dust or superwhite with rejuvenator spirit to paint metallic or white effects on cakes too.

From £2.00

Palette Knife  Image

Palette Knife

This PME palette knife is ideal for covering cakes with buttercream or ganache - it's a comfortable size to handle so you have lots of control and can achieve sharp edges to your icing. The metal knife itself is 6 inches, but the full length is 11.5 inches. 

From £5.00

Petal Pad Image

Petal Pad

These JEM petal pads are ideal when making sugar roses - use with a ball tool to thin the edges of rose petals, create frills, ruffles and more.

From £4.00

Piping Nozzles (large) Image

Piping Nozzles (large)

These large metal piping nozzles, by JEM, are ideal for piping buttercream with disposable piping bags. A variety of shapes is available including the popular 2D and 1M plus several other oversized nozzles. 

From £3.00

Piping Nozzles (small) Image

Piping Nozzles (small)

These small metal nozzles from Jem come in two sizes for writing (no. 2) and very small (no. 1) writing. They can be used with disposable piping bags as well as nylon ones with an adaptor.

From £2.00

Quilting tool Image

Quilting tool

This tool is three in one. Use one attachment to make a stitch effect (great for creating a quilted effect), one flat wheel can be used to roll straight lines, and the third is a zig-zag which is useful for making a zip effect amongst other things.

From £3.00

Rolling Pins Image

Rolling Pins

These white non-stick rolling pins from Wilton are ideal for rolling gum paste to make decorations and rolling out sugarpaste to cover cakes. The small sizes are great for making small decorations and rolling gumpaste out very thinly (for example to make frills) by rolling it out on a non-stick mat. They are non-stick so no cornflour or icing sugar is needed.


From £5.00

Rose petal cutters Image

Rose petal cutters

A set of 3 different size stainless steel cutters by Culpitts - perfect for making petals for ornate sugar roses. We teach this technique on our Flower Power class. 

From £4.00

Spacers  Image


This pair of plastic spacers from PME can be used to create the perfect thickness of icing or cookie dough every time. They are strong and washable and 15 inches long.

From £4.00

Turntable Image


These turntables by Wilton make decorating cakes so much easier - you can place your cake on top and spin to your heart's content! Really useful when adding a crumb coating of buttercream, making a quilted design on the side of a cake, adding decorations, piping around the base of the cake... the list goes on!

From £10.00