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You can bake with the finest ingredients and mix everything together with absolute precision, but if you are baking with the wrong equipment, your cakes just won’t work. We only sell the tins and tools we use ourselves in our bakery so you can rest assured they are top quality.

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Cake Tins (deep)

These Invicta professional cake tins come highly recommended by us - we have used nothing but these for years to bake our own cakes, and although a little more expensive than others, they are worth every penny. The quality of these tins make a real difference to your bakes. We currently sell round tins, but will be expanding our range to square ones soon.

4 inch - £10, 6 inch - £12, 8 inch - £14, 10 inch - £16, 12 inch - £18.

From £10.00

Cake Tins (sandwich) Image

Cake Tins (sandwich)

These 8 inch round cake tins from Wilton are light but durable. They give a superb bake on sponge cakes, making absolutely perfect layers. We use these tins in our Bake Your Own Sponge class as well as using them for our own medium sized sponge and rainbow cakes. Make a saving and buy a pair of these tins and your cakes will bake perfectly forever more!

From £8.00

Cookie Cutter Set Image

Cookie Cutter Set

Choose from one of our Wilton cookie cutter set- Classic, Princess, Wedding or Baby. They come in packs of either 3 or 4 and are easy to clean.


The 'Classic' set is made up of bow tie, lips and moustache cutters.

The 'Princess' set is made up of a castle, crown and high heel cutters.

The 'Wedding' set is made up of heart, bells, dress and 3 tier cake cutters.

The 'Baby' set is made up of pram, rocking horse, baby gro and terry bear cutters.


From £6.00

Cooling Rack Image

Cooling Rack

16" x 10" non-stick wire cooling rack from Wilton’s Recipe Right range. It comes with a five year warranty from the manufacturer (Wilton) and is dishwasher safe. Nice and sturdy and a great size for cooling cupcakes and cakes.

From £3.00

Cupcake Cases Image

Cupcake Cases

We offer an assortment of cupcakes cases to suit any occassion.

From £2.00

Ice cream scoop (for cupcakes) Image

Ice cream scoop (for cupcakes)

5cm diameter metal ice-cream scoop to measure out the perfect amount of cupcake mixture for a cupcake.

From £5.00