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Our mini cupcakes are a miniature version of our delicious full sized cupcakes - perfect to provide a nibble to a large group of people, and great for children. Too small to personalise, but a brilliant way to feed a crowd.

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Our Mini Cupcakes

Our Mini Cupcakes are exactly as they sound - mini versions of our full-sized cupcakes. They are one third of the volume of a full sized cupcake, and they really are mini - smaller than 'fairy cake' size, they are just one or two bites - perfect for children and parties. They are made to the same recipe as our full sized cupcakes and are every bit as tasty.

As Mini Cupcakes are so small, there is no room for personalised decoration, these are beautiful just as they are, with a miniature version of our classic buttercream swirl on top. The cases only come in plain white, black or pink, but to co-ordinate with a theme or colour scheme, the buttercream on top can be any colour you choose.

Our minimum order for mini cupcakes is 24 and as they come in boxes of 24 - you can order more than 240 (get in touch for prices) and if you need a specific number that doesn't fit with the guidelines below, just ask us for a quote. 


  • Vanilla Bean: vanilla bean sponge with vanilla bean buttercream
  • Chocolate: chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream

  • Tangy Lemon: lemon sponge with lemon buttercream

  • Cappuccino: coffee sponge with vanilla bean buttercream and cocoa dusting

  • Red Velvet: deep red coloured vanilla bean & chocolate sponge with cream cheese frosting or vanilla bean buttercream

  • Coconut: coconut sponge with coconut buttercream

  • Chocolate Orange: chocolate orange sponge with chocolate orange buttercream


  one flavour  assorted flavours 
24  £20  n/a 
48 £35  £40 (up to 4 flavours) 
72 £50  £55 (up to 6 flavours)
96 £60 £65 (up to 7 flavours)
120 £70  £75
144 £80 £85
168  £90 £95
192 £100 £105
216 £110 £115
240 £120  £125

For orders (in multiples of 24) of over 240, the cost is 50p per mini cupcake

For orders (in multiples of 24) of over 480, the cost is 45p per mini cupcake

For orders (in multiples of 24) of 600 or more, the cost is 40p per mini cupcake.

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