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Our Occasion Cupcakes

As our cupcake designs are bespoke, we can make them to suit any occasion. See our gallery for examples of how we can tailor your cupcake designs for:

  • Graduations - nothing beats a mortar board and scroll to celebrate a graduation with cupcakes
  • Baby Showers - pink, blue or a mixture of the two, we can make lovely baby themed toppers for your cupcakes
  • Hen Parties - we can do anything from the classy to the... less classy, from L plates, pink & girly designs and more adventurous requests, we've seen it all!
  • Anniversaries - gold, silver or ruby, we can theme your cupcakes to the occasion
  • Birthdays - for a landmark age, we can cut out colourful number shapes as toppers
  • Simple Messages - we can spell out any message on top of your cupcakes to spell 'Thank You', 'Good Luck' or 'We'll Miss You' in any colour scheme of your choice
  • Occasion Cupcakes Image
    Thank You cupcakes
  • Occasion Cupcakes Image
    Show love with Valentines themed cupcakes
  • Occasion Cupcakes Image
    Green, white and orange theme for St Patricks Day
  • Occasion Cupcakes Image
    A graduation theme cupcakes
  • Occasion Cupcakes Image
    Baby shower theme
  • Occasion Cupcakes Image
    'L' plates for a hen party
  • Occasion Cupcakes Image
    Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with baby shower theme
  • Occasion Cupcakes Image
    Heart Hen Party theme


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