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Our 'Simply Sweet' Cakes

We know that sometimes you want a cake that tastes beautifully homemade, but you don't want to spend a fortune by having lots of hand crafted decorations on top. Our 'Simply Sweet' range means you can make a birthday or event a special one without it costing the earth. For a plain fondant covering on your cake (in your choice of colour, of course) with a message piped on top in white royal icing and a ribbon around the base, there is no extra cost for design, so the price you see is the price you would pay.

One of the most popular simple designs is our piped rose buttercream effect. You can choose any colour for your message to go on top, and even a colour for the buttercream itself. There is just a £5 charge for this design, and it looks simply stunning.

  • Buttercream piped roses make a beautiful covering to a cake and you can choose the colour of your message to go on top
  • White piped Roses with a message
  • A cake covered in pink and white buttercream roses
  • Colourful hundred and thousands cake
  • You can choose your colour of icing and have a white piped message for no extra charge on any flavour of our brautiful cakes
  • Daisy themed cake
  • A simple design with a message and flowers.
  • Square Blue Cake
  • A cake covered in chocolate buttercream with a message.
  • A cake covered in chocolate buttercream with a piped message and some simple flowers
  • Piped chocolate roses make a great backdrop for a brightly coloured message on top of this chocolate cake


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