Mehndi Heart Cake


Learn to intricately pipe royal icing into Mehndi style patterns on a heart-shaped cake - 3 hours (£48)

During this 3 hour class, you will be working with a square sponge cake which you will learn to carve into a heart shape before filling and covering the cake with a crumb layer of buttercream. You will learn to cover the cake in your choice of colour of sugarpaste - great for developing the skill of covering a cake with sugarpaste as it is a slightly irregular shape.

You will be taught how to make and colour royal icing which will be the perfect consistency for piping patterns onto a cake. Choosing from a wide variety of Mehndi style patterns, you will get a chance to practice your piping skills before piping several different colours onto your cake in detailed and beautiful patterns.

You will take home your heart shaped cake with a stunning piped design as well as developing the skills of covering odd shaped cakes with sugarpaste and intricate piping which is useful for writing on cakes as well as adding all sorts of interesting designs.

This class would be ideal for someone wanting to practice the skills of carving and covering cakes with sugarpaste, and those wanting to work on their royal icing and piping skills which can be useful for writing and wedding style cakes. 

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